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Who are we

Malawi Orthopaedic Association (MOA) is a National impartial and a non-political, non-profitable Coordinating, correlating and advisory body on Orthopaedic rehabilitation and other matters related to the neuromuscular and skeletal system. It was established in 1994 as a club by Dr. Kemmy and later got registered in 2003 as an association- Malawi Orthopaedic Association in order to help improve trauma and orthopaedic care in the country. Different strides has been registered in the country in improving orthopaedic and trauma care, the coming in of orthopaedic training school for OCOs is among them. With the going of time, MOA broadened its scope and incorporated other professionals who are on the forefront in making sure that orthopaedic and trauma care is improved in the country. These professions include surgeons and PRO’s. The following names has equally made great contributions in making MOA be where it is today Dr Kemmy, Chris Lavy, Christopher Ngulube and prof Nyengo Mkandawire

Our Knowledge Bank

We post educational and published articles

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Our Programs

MOA also tries to reach out to the public by offering different programs, educational courses inclusive. The following are some of our major programs

  • Happy Patients
  • Success Mission
  • Qualified Doctors
  • Globalization Work


Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in orthopaedic care and explore the stories shaping the world of musculoskeletal health.

Our Leaders

Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true: our team is the secret to our success. Each member of our team is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes MOA such strong.